Gorilla busy working on features for Galway Film Festival

    Sound Mix, Online & Grade

    2 x feature film post

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  • Tommy

    “Tommy: To Tell You The Truth”

    Sound Mix

    1 Hour documentary coming soon on RTE One

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What others are saying

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"As producers we want our collaborators to deliver on time and on budget to the best creative standards possible. Of course we never make that easy, always looking for that final tweak or small change. By yesterday. Please! Gorilla Post have always delivered. Usually with a smile. Which helps. A lot."

"Working with the guys at Gorilla Post was a real pleasure. We recorded and mixed 10 x 26 minute episodes with them on a recent series and I couldn't have been happier. Their creative input, particularly during the mixing stages, was invaluable."

"Gorilla provided the sound and video post production on our latest series ‘Wildernuts’ and we had a great experience. We were months recording voice overs, mixing and onlining all 26 episodes and we're extremely happy with how everything went. We wouldn't hesitate to use them again."

"We've taken animated feature films, TV series and webisodes to Gorilla and the results have always been outstanding. From sound design, mixing, online editing and finishing I've been more than impressed each time. That's why I wouldn't hesitate to go back and collaborate with Gorilla again like I've always done."

"For the past 5 years, Caboom has been doing all its audio work for commercials, animation and TV series with Gorilla Post. They are a highly creative bunch and provide an excellent service. I highly recommend them."

"Barry's been looking after our audio post since 2009. Trust in the post production process and the operators behind the kit is vital as a producer. It's a compliment to Barry and his team that I'm still working at Gorilla today, 5 years on. Their consistency remains, only their team has grown and their coffee's even better!"

"We've been working with Gorilla Post since the early days. They consistently provide very high standards and that's why we regularly go back. We would highly recommend them."

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