penance_peter-coonan-image-1Gorilla is busy providing the post production on feature film “Penance/Aithri” for Zanzibar and De Facto Films.

“Penance” or “Aithrí” (in Irish) was shot in Co. Donegal and Derry City. Set during 1916 and 1960’s, the film tells the story of a priest (Peter Coonan) who encourages rebellion against the British Empire leading up to the rising. He later turns to more peaceful means in the midst of the “Troubles”.

Gorilla is providing full post production from ADR, Foley, sound design, mix, online editing and grading for the film.

The film is directed by Tom Collins and produced by Edwina Forkin. DOP is Ciaran Tanham and the editor is Dermot Deskin.

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