ICA Boot Camp

  • The Project

  • TV Series
  • 4 x 52 mins
  • Client

  • Production Company Independent Pictures
  • Director Sarah Barrow
  • Producer Conor Moloney
  • Gorilla Team

  • Sound Mix Barry Reid

Faced with a generation who grew up without basic living skills like cooking, mending and budgeting, 3 former ICA mentors now take on the impossible task of teaching 3 young spend-a-holic “Boom Babes” the ways of the past in order to save themselves from themselves! These pampered models will learn everything from milking cows, plucking chickens, baking and hat making – ICA style. The eventual winner will be chosen by their mentors and will have shown the most enthusiasm and gritty determination to adapt. Among the girls is Michelle Mc Grath who sings with Irish girlband “Industry”.

ICA Boot camp was aired on RTE 1, Tuesday September 21st.