• The Project

  • Documentary
  • 6 x 52
  • Client

  • Production Company Dearg Films
  • Producer Brian Reddin
  • Gorilla Team

  • Sound Mix Barry Reid

Gorilla has started audio post on “Taoiseach”, a 6 part documentary series for Dearg Films.

Driven by interviews, round table debates, archive footage and voice over (Ger Ryan), each episode focuses on some of the most memorable, and often shocking, moments that defined Irish leadership over the past 9 decades.

From an audio standpoint the series requires large amounts of sound design, “re-creating” the sounds of the past to include some of those from the Irish Civil War, World War 1+2, bloody sunday, and many more.

“Taoiseach” is produced by Brian Reddin and airs Thursday, January 7th onTV3. For anyone interested in Irish politics this is a must see.