• The Project

  • Animation
  • 52 x 11 mins
  • Client

  • Production Company Kavaleer Productions and Dinamo
  • Gorilla Team

  • Sound Mix Barry Reid
  • Recording Engineer Barry Reid

Gorilla has started audio post production on a new animation series called “Abadas” for Dublin based animation studio Kavaleer and their co-producers Dinamo in Wales.

Set in the magical world of a pop-up book, Pop-Up Island will aim to challenge young viewers to search for new words while following the adventures of Hari the Hippo, Seren the Bat and Ela the Fox. The series is a mixture of animation and live action and will be the first project on which CBeebies (BBC), RT√Čjr and S4C (Wales) will collaborate.

Voice recording on the 52 episodes is currently underway at Gorilla.