Space Chickens in Space (Disney)

  • The Project

  • Animation
  • 52 x 11 min
  • Client

  • Production Company Gingerbread Studios
  • Director Matt Delamere, Thomas and Markus Vad Flaaten
  • Producer Disney EMEA, Cake Entertainment, Anima, Studio Moshi
  • Gorilla Team

  • Sound Design Shane O'Toole
  • Sound Mix Barry Reid and Mark Fitzpatrick
  • Recording Engineer Barry Reid, Mark Fitzpatrick & Shane O'Toole

“Space Chickens in Space” is the new comedy action series from Disney with co-producers Cake Entertainment, Anima and Studio Moshi.

The series follows 3 daring chickens, Chuck, Starley and Finley, who have been mistakenly transported from earth to ” The Slurp Academy”, a former military base inhabited by alien creatures and run my the terrifying drill sergeant ‘Glargg’. The chickens need all their wit and resolve to survive their crazy new world.

The 52 x 11 series is set to air on Disney XD and Channel 9 Australia in 2018.

Gorilla is providing full audio post from voice records, sound design, 5.1 mixing and international packaging